raising 2 AG babies at one time

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raising 2 AG babies at one time

Postby pennybickley » Thu May 11, 2006 12:24 am

Should I house my 2 parrots in separate cages? PB
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Postby Guest » Thu May 11, 2006 2:15 am

It all depends. Are they two baby Greys? Are they close to one another? Do they appear to WANT to be together in the same cage? It should be their idea.

You may want to start out by giving them two separate cages side by side. If you find that they start climbing in together into ONE, you will know the answer. Otherwise, two cages are better.

Please keep us posted,

Postby Guest » Thu May 11, 2006 1:15 pm

Dear Maggie,
Thank you for replying. I love your book "African Grey Parrots." Our 2 new parrots are about 9 weeks old and still at the breeders. They are both male (we think) and clutch mates. We should get them sometime in June, so I am getting prepared. We are not new to companion parrots - our beloved "Seymour" died in March at 35 years old.
Thanks again, Penny

Postby Guest » Thu May 11, 2006 1:23 pm

I forgot to mention that the parrots are African Greys. The other thing I was worried about was them rejecting us and acting like mates, but from all I have read, that should not be a real problem. Thanks for the advice - I will provide 2 cages and see how it goes. We're excited!

Postby Guest » Fri May 12, 2006 1:05 am


Please keep us posted!

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