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Welcome toThe Grey PlaceSM

Some things to look for:

  • Perches need to be different widths to keep our Greys’ feet healthy; however, perches that are too wide can result in falling accidents. The ideal size is one NOT go any wider than 1 ½ inches.
  • Keep reading below for more things to look for........
The Grey Place is a secure site.  We use the highest level of security available to safeguard your purchase.
  • Perches with different textures can be a good variety for feet. Try rope, in addition to wood; but check daily to cut off any strings that can catch toes. Concrete perches are easy to grip and keep toe nails trimmed; however, do not overload cage with too many concrete perches and avoid "sand paper" covers for they can be uncomfortable for some feet.
  • Rope perches can be good for Greys who are young, clumsy and/or have handicaps.
  • Try sanding spots on slippery perches, such as manzanita, to improve grip.
  • Study perches and play stands....are the perches easy to climb... are they positioned so that your parrot won’t poop on the perches below... are the play stands hard to climb off?
  • Greys LOVE boings and other fun things to climb....however, introduce anything new very slowly.
  bird9.gif (2597 bytes)
Parrotwise Creations
Made using 3/4" diameter PVC pipe.  Suitable for Greys!
Table Stand
(shipping included)

thtablestand.jpg (3645 bytes)
9.5" X 13" X 8" high
Sure grip grooved perch.  Two waterproof, removable cups.

Shower / Window Perch
(shipping included)
thshower.jpg (3001 bytes)
Enjoy a shower with
your parrot!

Will stick to any smooth surface. Grooved perch and 4 suction cups.

Floor Stand
(shipping included)

thfloorstand.jpg (2169 bytes)
16" X 16" X 34" high
Sure grip perch.  Two waterproof, removable cups. Easy to clean removable tray.

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