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Bringing Back the Magic: A Transformational Memior
By Lois Levinson

The love of my life is a great grey bird,
A parrot out of Africa, you may have heard
Black beak, red tail, feathers graying
But have you heard what Kiri's saying?

"Wuv ooo," says she, or "I love you,"
She rings the phone and croons "Helloooo"
"Hey, Dan, how' you? Uh huh, what? thank you!
OK, well, bye baby, love you, too."

As she goes in her cage, it's "Put the bird back!"
As I walk out the door, it's "I'll be right back!"
She'll greet you with a song when you come in the door.
And tell you that two plus two is "four."

"Who's got a Black Belt? Dan!" she announces,
"Kiri's a great girl!" Her head bounces
Up and down as she giggles and coos,
While holding an almond which she nibbles and chews.

She loves a good head rub, a beak rub, and then
I stroke her cheeks gently and under her chin,
She'll close her eyes and sigh with pleasure,
Snuggle time with this bird is something to treasure.

She chews her feathers when she's stressed,
Leaving her looking rather undressed,
With more bird on the floor than there is on the bird,
So nobody's perfect, we've concurred.

"Will you look at that bird?" Kiri demands,
"Mark! Lois! Dan!" the bird now commands,
She tells me I'm a "Good Girl!" when I obey,
Who's the flock leader here? Not hard to say.

What a wonderful thing to talk to a bird,
And have her respond, as she learns each new word,
Most days you'll find us speaking quite clearly,
Engaged in conversation, just me and Kiri.

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