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Bringing Back the Magic: A Transformational Memior
The Prodigal Parrot (Sunny)
Lost But Found

By Antonio

On Thursday morning 9/22/2011, I was cleaning out my African grey's food bowl, and so, I went out by my backyard, in order to clean it. But, as I  re-entered my home, I slipped and fell. This startled Sunny, my grey, so badly that he flew outside. I called to him, but he did not respond.  He flew around the house three times, finally landing on the roof top. It seemed like he just wanted to leave and not come back. Again, I called to  him several times, but he did not respond.  Once again, he looked at me and then flew off.  That was the last time that I saw him. I told a few people about this situation, and that evening, I went out with my family to post some flyers, especially at the local pet stores.

Since that day, I was truly heart-broken.  I had lost someone that I truly loved. But, God was showing me something in the midst of this situation. At that moment, I had to let go and let God take care of this pain that I was having. I started to think of a saying, “if you let go of something you Love and if it comes back, it means that what you had is True Love.” Well, every day since the moment that I had lost Sunny, I thought about him constantly, remembering the good moments that we had had together.

On Sunday 9/25/2011 at about 12 pm at work, I got a phone call from an unknown number.   "Let me answer it because the call may be from someone who may have found my Sunny," I said to myself. Sure enough, the call was from a young lady, saying that she believed she had found my bird. This young lady’s name was Venus, and she so happened to be an assistant at a veterinarian clinic. What had happened was that Sunny had flown out of a tree onto a young man in a marching band during a festival in Woodbridge NJ.  The young man was startled, but Venus (the Angel of God), who handles birds like Sunny, told the young man to not panic.  Then, she retrieved Sunny from his shoulder. The amazing thing is that she had already happened to have a kennel stored in her car. How likely are the chances that that would happen for anyone? The next day she went to the local pet store, and that’s where she saw the posting for Sunny.

Sure enough, it was my African Grey, SUNNY. He was lost, but now he is found. This story is just like that of the prodigal son that once was Lost, but now is found. Do not lose Hope in any situation that you are going through, for God is always with you. Never lose Hope!

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